At Agora Metaphysica there are especially welcome briefer, argumentative contributions aiming to solve or bring forth some concrete philosophical problem, and subsequent reactions discussing it. Agora Metaphysica is not focused on purely historical problems or problems of interpretation, unless they have more substantial consequences for a speculative problem. However, from time to time, such posts can be an interesting change.

    Philosophical orientation of Agora Metaphysica is roughly defined by basic principles of the metaphysics of classical relaism, as objectivity and receptivity of thinking, principle of non-contradiction, correspondence theory of truth etc. This however does not mean that these premises cannot be called in question in the discussion! On the contrary, the oportunity to chaste or even revise ones philosophical position in contact with an opponent is exactly the purpose of the existence of Agora Metaphysica. Less appropriate are only contributions that would in a substantial way depend on a philosophical doctrine incompatible with the orientation of Agora Metaphysica, without giving any support for its principles (e.g. if someone based his argument on the doctrine of transcendental idealism, he should try to establish this doctrine first).

    At Agora Metaphysica there are also welcome longer contributions, as articles or papers. Such longer and compact texts can be posted as an attached file in text or .rtf format. Finally, to Agora can be also posted announcements concerning interesting new books, articles or websites related to the subject of Agora, recensions, invitations to conferences and the like.


    Contributors to Agora Metaphysica are bound to abide with the common rules of elctronic communication and polite dicussion, which especially means no spamming and no personal offences. The purpose of the discussion on Agora is not to beat down the opponent, but to help him (and oneself) to approach the truth. Due the nature of the subject of Agora Metaphysica it cannot be avoided that contributions are often going to be longer than usual. The more are the authors asked for maximal possible conciseness. That applies not only to the text itself, but also to the way of quotation: If you reply to a post, include only the necessary parts of that post in your reply, and delete the rest. If you answer to several posts with the same subject, please try to consolidate all the replies into one longer post via cut-and-paste.

    Due to the nature of this conference it is also expectable that the reactions to posts will often need more time, and that they will not be too numerous. In case the number of the posts significantly increased, though, I ask those who would intend to open a new topic to wait until current topic(s) are closed, for the sake of the quality of the discussion and in order not to disrupt it.

    All members are invited to introduce oneself to the others, using the page of Introductions, where the introductions can be inserted and subsequently read by others.


    All the contributions to Agora Metaphysica will be accessible in the archive of the conference from the homepage of Agora Metaphysica. Contributions as articles and the like may be published at the Articles page of Agora Metaphysica.


    The discussing languages of Agora Metaphysica are English, Latin and Czech. The conference is divided into two sections: Global,, and English, To the English section the contributions in English only are to be sent, to the Global section all the other. The contributions received to the English section are automatically resent to the Global section, so that the subscribers of the global section receive contributions in all the languages, whereas the subscribers of the English section only the contributions in English. NOTE: If you post a contribution in English, do not post it to the Global section address, but to the English section address (this is to be noted especially if you are subscribed to the Global section and are replying to an English post)! Only thus your contribution will be received also by those who are subscribed to the English section only.