Daniel D. Novotný, Ph.D.


I am a lecturer in philosophy at St. John's Colleage in Svatý Jan p. Skalou near Prague and in methodology of sciences and anthropology at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. Since March 2010 I am involved in the project “Nature, Landscape, and People Together” that focuses on environmental and multicultural education in Czech high-schools. I am also working as a guide in the Mountain Synagogue Hartmanice. I have earned my PhD in Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo in 2008.


The primary focus of my research is scholastic metaphysics of the Baroque era but I have also been involved in various other areas, such as analytical metaphysics, epistemology, education, philosophical practice, interpretations of Laozi, etc.


Profile: A Bohemian Aristotelophile.

Papers and Book Chapters in Baroque Scholasticism

(forthcoming) “Twenty Years after Suárez: Francisco de Araújo on the Nature, Existence, and Causes of Entia rationis,” in: Salas, Victor, ed. Festschrift for … [it’s a secret yet J],  Brill.

(forthcoming) “The Historical Non-Significance of Suárez’s Theory of Beings of Reason: A Lesson From Hurtado,” in: Heider, Daniel, Lukáš Novák, and David Svoboda, eds. Metaphysics of Francisco Suárez (1548-1617): Disputationes metaphysicae in their systematic and historical context, ch. 9.

(forthcoming) “Suarezova teorie pomyslných jsoucen,” Filozofia (Bratislava).

(forthcoming) [with Jorge Gracia] “Fundamentals in Suárez’s Metaphysics: Transcendentals and Categories,” in South, James B. and Daniel Schwartz, eds. Interpreting Suárez: A Collection of Critical Essays. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.

(2009) “Rubio and Suárez: A Comparative Study on the Nature of Entia rationis,” in Čemusová, Petra, ed. Proceedings of the International Conference Bohemia Jesuitica Praha: Karolinum.

(2009) “In Defense of Baroque Scholasticism,” Studia Neoaristotelica 2 (VI), Praha: 209–233.

(2008) “Forty-Two Years after Suárez: Mastri and Belluto’s Development of the “Classical” Theory of Entia rationis,” Quaestio: The Yearbook of the History of Metaphysics 8.

(2008) “Ens rationis in Caramuel” in: Dvořák, Petr, and Jacob Schmutz, eds. Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz: The Last Scholastic Polymath, Praha: Filosofia, pp. 71-84. ABSTRACT BUY

(2006) “Prolegomena to a Study of Beings of Reason in Post-Suarezian Scholasticism,” 1600-1650" Studia Neoaristotelica 2 (3), pp. 117-141. ABSTRACT

Papers and Book Chapters in Other Areas

(forthcoming) “Byl Laozi taoistou? Kirklandova výzva” [Was Laozi a Daoist? Kirkland’s Challenge] Sv. Jan p. Skalou: Fragmenta Ioannea.

(forthcoming) “Příroda jako kulturní problém: Poznámka k RVP,” Sv. Jan p. Skalou: Fragmenta Ioannea.

(2009) [with Vlastimil Vohánka] “Současná křesťanská filosofie v USA a Velké Británii: Dojmy a postřehy,” Salve 2 (XIX) pp. 53–71.

(2009) “Člověk a jeho hodnoty: Prolegomenon k ekologické výchově,” in: Fellnerová, Jana, ed. Kam doletí svatojanci? Sv. Jan p. Skalou: Fragmenta Ioannea, pp. 11-17.

(2007) “How to Save Naturalism from Plantinga?” Organon F 1, XIV, pp. 32-48. ABSTRACT

(2007) “Searle on the Unity of the World” in: Axiomates: Journal of Ontology and Cognitive Science 1 (17), pp. 41-51. ABSTRACT

(2007) “What is Terrorism?” in: Linden, Edward V., ed. Focus on Terrorism 8, pp. 23-32. GOOGLE (Warning: Contains many mistakes because the publisher did not use the proofs I have sent.)

(2006) “Is Hume a Metaphysician?: Aristotle vs. Gracia,” in: Delfino, Robert, ed. What are We to Understand Gracia to Mean? New York, NY: Rodopi, 2006, pp. 179-192. GOOGLE

(2005) “Proper Names in Reference: Beyond Searle and Kripke,” Organon F 3, XII, pp. 241-259. ABSTRACT

(2005) “An Ontology for Carcinoma Classification for Clinical Bioinformatics,” in: Kumar, Anand, Y. Lina Yip, Barry Smith, Dirk Marwede, and Daniel Novotny, Medical Informatics Europe (MIE 2005), Stud Health Technol Inform; 116:635-40. GOOGLE

(2004) “Biomedical Informatics and Granularity,” in: Kumar, Anand, Barry Smith and Daniel D. Novotny, Comparative and Functional Genomics 5, pp. 501-508. PDF

Critical Reviews and Reports

(forthcoming) [with Rostislav Fellner, Barbora Machovcová, Robert Bargel, and Olga Mokrejšová] Projekt Příroda, krajina a lidé pospolu zahajuje,” Sv. Jan p. Skalou: Fragmenta Ioannea.

(2010) [with Rostislav Fellner, Barbora Machovcová, and Robert Bargel] „Co přinesla konference „Vzdělávání a udržitelný život“?“. Envigogika 2 (V). ONLINE

(2009) Report from a conference on Rabbi Maharal of Prague (1512/1526–1609), Studia Neoaristotelica 2 (VI), Praha: 302–307.

(2009) Zpráva z konference Suárezova metafyzika: Disputationes Metaphysicae ve svém historickém a systematickém kontextu, Filosofický časopis 3 (LVII): 469-474.

(2008) Zpráva z konference Schizma filozofie 20. století. Překonávání metafyziky?, Reflexe (XXXV): 137-142.

(2005) Review of Martin Cajthaml’s Analyse und Kritik des Relativismus, 2003. In: Studia Neoaristotelica 2, II, Praha: 254-259.

(2003) Review of Jorge Gracia’s Individuality: An Essay on the Foundations of Metaphysics, 1988. In: Organon F 4, X, Bratislava: 466-473.

(2000) Review of Tereza Saxlová’s and Stanislav Sousedík’s Rodrigo de Arriaga: Philosoph und Theologe, 1998. In: Acta Comeniana 14, XXXVIII, Praha: 239-243.

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